Ankersmid Sampling BVBA, founded in 2008, and is as an independent company with branch offices around the world, producing gas sampling and conditioning equipment and complete systems.

Our company started already in 1983 as the original M&C Products Company and developed with a German sister company a full range of products.

Since the split-up in 2005 we implemented the former M&C Products portfolio into the Ankersmid Sampling group.

This experience lead to the state of the art conditioning systems that we offer today.

The new technologies like touch screen controlled displays, new and advances sample probes, Really portable coolers (much lighter and ergonomic) are some of the few developments that makes Ankersmid Sampling the leading producer in these products.


With an extended network of loyal dealers worldwide and collaborations from highly qualified companies around the world we can assure you that the Ankersmid Sampling products are worth your trust.

We are always looking for new dealers in areas that have no exclusivity. Go to our contact page to fill in a request form if you want more information about being our partner.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


Karl Leyssens

CEO Ankersmid group

Achema Frankfurt 11-15 June 2018


Ankersmid Sampling Achema exhibition Frankfurt a. M. 11-15 June 2018.

Achema exhibition Frankfurt a. M. 11-15 June 2018.

Come and visit us on booth 11.0.G29.

As we are the true leader in gas sampling and gas conditioning solutions we would like to show you our latest innovations.



New oxygen analyzer


Our full range of Oxygen analysers.

A brand new paramangetic O2 analyser.

The APA analyser utilises the paramagnetic principle of operation tomeasure oxygen concentrations.

paramagnetic oxygen cell

The analyser measures theparamagnetic susceptibility of the oxygen in the sample gas by means of the patented magneto-dynamic measuring cell.

The physical properties which distinguishes oxygen from other gases is its paramagnetism. It is significantly higher comparing to other common gases. This
operation principle is one of the most accurate andreliable procedures to determine the oxygen concentration in a gas mixture from 0 to 100 Vol.%

oxygen analyser






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